The causes of stomach fat


Main causes


If you’re like most people, you’ve probably noticed that the first place you accumulate weight is often lower abdomen. Women have more tendencies to store fat on the Stomach Fat thighs while men, it will be at the abdomen or lower abdomen.


But as one of both genders, the lower abdomen is the place to be the first to storing excess fat. The reason is very simple, is that fats are useful, they serve as energy reserves when you run out of food or that you consume does not contain enough nutrients essential to good manufacturing energy. So for the body, it is much easier to fetch these resources if they are directly next to the stomach.


By cons though it is well done, it does not please everyone. In fact, liposuction is performed by large majorities in the region of the lower abdomen. Most diet plans to lose weight are also purchased in the lower abdomen. This is because it is the region where there is the most fat that store and it is also one of the first places that stores fat. Indeed, it is very rare that we see a person have a surplus of fat in other parts of the body while the belly is flat and exhibits abdominals iron.


Most devices diet also affects the lower abdomen. If you think about some devices or the belt that makes heat and claims to make you lose more than an inch in just one hour. Sorry to tell you this, but you will lose mostly water with this unit while has the particularity to at least make you work your abs. But it will not be without effort.


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